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Benefits of Partnering with the Top 50 Value Added Resellers for IT Needs in the UAE

Benefits Of Partnering With The Top 50 Value Added Resellers For It Needs In The Uae - Blogs - Systechware Dubai

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Do you want to sort through exhausting options regarding IT hardware purchases? Partnering with value added resellers (VARs) could be the answer. In this blog post, we explore all of the incredible advantages associated with teaming up with VARs for IT hardware needs, from cost savings and expert advice all the way through to revolutionising your business operations with this strategic partnership! So buckle up and prepare to find out why partnering with VARs may be the answer.

What is a Hardware Value Added Reseller (HVAR)?

HVARs provide customers with high-value technology hardware and related services at discounted rates. They operate under a business model where companies sell or lease high-value hardware at attractive terms to them, which benefits from increased revenues due to more excellent customer retention and repeat business.

HVARs typically possess in-depth knowledge of the latest tech hardware products. They can provide detailed product information, installation support, customisation services, system integration, infrastructure buildout, and 24/7 customer service. Many HVARS offer warranties on their hardware products to provide added peace of mind to their customers. In addition to selling directly to end users, many also work with major corporate vendors, requiring specific customisation or integration work on their behalf.

Working with an HVAR provides several advantages:

1) Access to top-of-the-line tech products: As they work directly with manufacturers and industry experts, HVARs often excel at finding high-quality technology products tailored specifically for you.

2) Proven expertise in system integration and infrastructure builds: HVARs can offer valuable advice when incorporating new technologies into existing environments since their staff has experience building systems from scratch for customers.

HVARS provides 24/7 support; unlike retailers who only operate during off-peak hours, HVARs use full-time businesses, offering round-the-clock assistance when solving IT issues.

4 Benefits of Working with a Hardware Value Added Reseller

Working with a value-added hardware reseller enables you to take advantage of their vast knowledge and expertise for the best IT hardware deals in your market. They understand cost-cutting measures for meeting business requirements while keeping abreast of cutting-edge products that may benefit your organisation, putting you one step ahead in your field!

Working with a VAR can save you substantial money on IT hardware purchases. They are experienced professionals in their field and often have special deals and discounted rates not available through other retailers. Furthermore, VARs stay current on emerging IT trends to guide you when selecting new equipment to buy.

VARs can also provide invaluable assistance in problem-solving. Should any IT equipment break, VARs are highly knowledgeable of all the tricks and tips for quickly returning it online. Anytime there are any queries or concerns regarding its operation, they’d happily address them for you. Working with VARs is also an effective way to save on investments while receiving expert service and support in the field.

Working with a hardware value added reseller (HVAR) offers numerous advantages. These include access to lower prices on IT equipment, specialisation in specific market segments, and enhanced customer service and support.

Work with HVARs for Lower IT Equipment Prices: When working with an HVAR, you can trust them to know all about the latest IT equipment and pricing trends in the industry. As such, they may offer lower prices on specialty hardware such as servers, storage systems, networking gear, or software utilities.

HVARs typically specialise in multiple market segments, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or data centre hardware, making them better equipped than ordinary retailers to help businesses find products suited to their individual business needs.

Customer Service and Support: An HVAR may employ staff with extensive knowledge about various aspects of technology and the IT industry while offering 24/7 customer service support, which can prove invaluable when repairs or upgrades become necessary.

How to Find an Excellent Hardware Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Modern businesses have access to many value-added hardware resellers (VARs) that provide them with discounted IT hardware products. Here, we discuss some benefits of working with VARs and tips for finding one suitable.

First and foremost, VARs provide invaluable advice regarding which IT hardware products would best serve your business and can recommend specific brands or models. Furthermore, they can access an expansive selection of products at discounted rates that regular retailers may not offer. A VAR can also assist in troubleshooting electronics issues or installing new components when necessary, and it can be an invaluable partner in managing IT hardware budgets and keeping equipment operating effectively.

Here are a few critical tips for selecting the appropriate VAR:

  1.  Research. Once you’ve decided that partnering with a VAR is the solution to your needs, conduct online research to ascertain which vendors offer the optimal price/quality ratio. You could also consult other businesses that have previously contracted VAR services to get feedback about which VAR they recommend.

2) Ask around. Another effective method of finding a dependable VAR is asking people in your industry whom they recommend; chances are high that someone you know has used or currently utilises a particular vendor.

How to Select and Work with a Hardware Value Added Reseller (HVAR)

Working with a hardware value added reseller (HVAR) can bring numerous advantages:

Access to New Technology and Products: HVARs can offer businesses increased access to cutting-edge technologies and products, with advice about which options will best meet the needs of their business. This increased access can save both time and money.

Immediate Product Availability: HVARs typically stock more inventory than retail stores, meaning that products may be immediately available rather than waiting weeks or months to arrive in store. This immediate availability can save both time and hassle when purchasing hardware.

Decreased Customer Service Costs: HVARs tend to employ staff with more experience dealing with technical issues related to computer hardware, which often results in faster resolution times and lower customer service costs.

Greater flexibility when ordering: HVARs typically carry more extensive inventories, making them better equipped to accommodate special requests for customised or uncommon hardware configurations faster than retail stores, saving time and hassle when ordering hardware for your business. This increased flexibility can save both time and hassle in procuring hardware from them.

Reselling IT hardware and SaaS services.

Small businesses often need to purchase IT hardware independently, which can be time-consuming and costly if unfamiliar with what products exist and their cost-effectiveness.

Consider teaming up with a value added reseller (VAR). These professionals understand the latest technologies, helping your business find suitable hardware. Plus, their expert product knowledge enables them to identify any potential problems before they arise and prevent future issues from becoming issues.

VARs also provide additional advantages that are especially advantageous to small businesses. For instance, many offer discounted equipment rates or can make items readily available for immediate purchase, plus they provide ongoing advice and guidance in using new hardware assets.

Consider tapping into the resources of a VAR instead. They could help your business take advantage of new technologies faster, and their advice should be reliable and accurate.

IT reseller companies

Finding hardware can be arduous, with many components and combinations to consider when selecting what’s right for your business. That’s where value added resellers (VARs) come in; their expertise in IT hardware can help you quickly locate products tailored to your needs. Below are four reasons why working with VARs may be beneficial to your needs:

  • They can assist your company in selecting the appropriate products.

Purchasing hardware through a VAR means not wasting time determining what features may work best for your business and selecting options tailored specifically for it. A VAR knows which features to look out for when making their recommendations, eliminating guesswork on what might work.

  • They offer warranty and support services.

One of the main advantages of working with a VAR is their warranty and support services. Not only will you have access to cutting-edge products, but their staff has years of experience dealing with customer service issues. Should anything go wrong with your hardware, they will quickly assist in fixing or replacing it as soon as possible.

  • They can save you money on hardware purchases.

VARs offer deals unavailable elsewhere, meaning you can save money when buying hardware through them without feeling guilty about it. Just keep in mind that not all discounts offered by VARs are beneficial; read through any fine print before signing anything!

Going beyond hardware and software products

Value added resellers (VARs) complement traditional hardware and software products by providing services such as installation, support, project management, and project support. Working with VARs can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT infrastructure. Here are four benefits of partnering with one:

  •  Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness: Working with a VAR can make managing your IT infrastructure more efficient by offering installation, support, and project management services to assist with managing potential issues early and increasing system performance overall.
  •  Increased Productivity: Integrating a VAR into your team can significantly boost productivity by providing employees with access to cutting-edge technology without needing to learn new software or hardware concepts. Furthermore, having round-the-clock support ensures your systems remain functional.
  •  Increased Availability: By working with a VAR, you can increase the availability of your systems by ensuring they are well-maintained throughout their lifespan and safeguarded for any unforeseen problems that may arise. Furthermore, VARs offer backup plans as an extra measure to protect in case something unexpected comes up that requires attention.
  •  Decreased Costs: With increased efficiency and availability come reduced costs, notably if partnered with a VAR specializing in managing IT solutions cost-effectively.

Hardware and software value added resellers

Partnering with a hardware and software value added reseller (VAR) provides access to expertise, specialty products, and services that may otherwise not be readily available. Here are some benefits you should expect:

  •  More significant Savings: Resellers can often offer exclusive deals on high-end products unavailable elsewhere, offering substantial savings compared to regular retail channels.
  •  Improved Customer Service: VARs provide their clients’ businesses with cutting-edge technology and support during installation and use; this means you always have someone available to solve technical issues while their Technical Support team stays informed on any innovations on the market.
  •  Access to New Products: VARs are constantly expanding their inventory, giving them first access to any newly released products or discounts they are eligible for, giving VARs an edge in industry trends and staying abreast of emerging technology trends. This also means VARs can secure deals before others learn of these innovations!

Hardware and software IT services

Resellers offer businesses many advantages, from cost-efficient IT hardware and software sourcing to additional support from partnering with an established reseller company. Each option can have pros and cons; therefore, it is crucial that businesses find a partner suitable for their individual needs. Here are five advantages of working with value added resellers:

Reduced Costs: Reselling can efficiently cut costs by pooling resources together and taking advantage of group buying power. Instead of dealing with vendors individually, resellers can negotiate better offers on behalf of their clients by pooling resources together, saving both money and time in the long run as these discounts can be passed along directly.

Expanded Variety: Working with a reseller provides one of the main benefits: increased variety. Instead of only being limited to purchasing hardware and software from one source, you can find what you need at more competitive pricing by tapping multiple sources for hardware and software, potentially opening up opportunities to find rarer items or unique applications not offered by single suppliers.

Expertise and Support: Working with resellers offers many advantages, including their expertise and support services. Reselling experts have access to industry knowledge and customer service experts who can provide excellent customer care, whether helping customers navigate the purchase process or providing technical support after installation.

Target Computer Hardware Resellers with Personal Greetings

Partnering with a value added reseller (VAR) allows you to utilise their extensive knowledge and experience in the IT hardware industry. They can assist your company in selecting suitable hardware options while offering advice about upgrades or new equipment necessary to keep technology running smoothly. VARs often boast deep industry connections; therefore, they may identify potential suppliers or brokers offering better deals for equipment purchases.

VARs offer vital insights into client needs and preferences, helping identify equipment that suits your bottom line and requirements. By doing this, they can recommend equipment that will keep paying dividends over time! No doubt you want your technology investments to pay back their initial investment with interest!

Before shopping around for new IT hardware, you must keep a few key considerations in mind. First and foremost is knowing your system requirements; whether that be an all-in-one device for the office or several laptops for yourself and your team, both require finding an IT hardware reseller that offers suitable products to meet those requirements.

IT hardware resellers tend to carry a wider variety of products than retail stores, with special discounts not available to larger chains and more experience with specific types of hardware, making them better placed to recommend the appropriate item based on what information is known about your computer or network configuration.

Partnering with an IT hardware reseller provides another key advantage: customer service. If something goes wrong with one of your devices or computers, chances are the reseller can quickly help resolve it efficiently; otherwise, obtaining support might prove more challenging or even impossible from larger retailers.

Choose an IT hardware reseller when seeking personalised assistance with technology purchases and installation advice. They serve as invaluable resources you won’t find elsewhere; therefore, be wary of going against their advice.

What types of value added resellers (VAR) exist?

Value added resellers (VAR) come in various forms; generally, they provide additional services and solutions to technology companies—for instance, hardware, software, networking infrastructure support services, or even support.

One significant advantage of working with a VAR is their vast expertise with various products, helping you select the ideal solution for your needs and providing recommendations of items they know will synergise well and increase productivity.

Another significant advantage is that VARs typically have deeper pockets than tech companies, giving them more funds to conduct extensive research and find you the ideal solutions more quickly if there are any issues with your purchase.

What are your opinions regarding value added resellers?

Value added resellers (VARs) can bring many advantages when providing IT hardware needs for businesses. VARs can help reduce costs while improving customer service and technical support; furthermore, VARs may expand your hardware options.

VARs may offer innovative solutions unavailable from your original supplier, such as knowing about new and alternative products that could save money. When shopping for IT hardware, exploring all possible avenues, including those provided by VARs, is wise.

How can one become a hardware distributor in five steps?

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current IT Hardware Requirements.

Assuming you want to become a hardware distributor, the initial step involves assessing what IT hardware your company currently requires and providing an inventory of all the devices in use or being requested from potential buyers. Once you have this data at hand, the next step should be identifying suppliers with competitive pricing for your particular needs. Value added resellers (VARs) can assist by providing impartial advice and helping negotiate better deals with suppliers.

Step 2: Search for a VAR partner.

Once you’ve determined your IT hardware requirements and identified potential suppliers, the next step should be finding a VAR partner to aid your distribution efforts. There are a wide variety of VARs to choose from; be sure to choose one that aligns with your company’s objectives and capabilities. Trust should always be an essential factor when selecting your VAR partner!

Step 3: Speak with suppliers about pricing and terms before entering into agreements.

Once you have identified a supplier that meets your product needs, it’s time to negotiate prices and terms. Be prepared to provide evidence of price comparisons between suppliers and detailed descriptions of the products you plan on selling. Be ready for tough questions regarding quality, shipping times, warranties, or insurance they offer, as they might differ significantly between providers. It is also essential to remember that not all suppliers may meet all your criteria; they may simply not fit.

What sites can be used to identify value added resellers?

Finding value added resellers (VARs) requires visiting several vital websites. Amazon and eBay are popular marketplaces where you can search for aftermarket parts and accessories; however, these platforms can also help locate primary vendors.

Your company may also utilise its supplier management system (SMS). Many organisations use an SMS that enables searches by category or geography; it could prove invaluable when dealing with VARs.

Pay attention to the Yellow Pages! There are usually VARs listed under “Technology Partners” or “System Integrators,” so just call up and ask around!

Here is the list of the UAE’s Top 50 IT Value Added Resellers.

No.IT Value-Added Reseller
1Alpha Data
2Emitac Enterprise Solutions
3MDS Computers
4Systechware LLC
6Redington Gulf
7Help AG
8Gulf Shadows Computer Systems
9OMA Emirates
10Logicom Distribution
11Aptec – An Ingram Micro Company
13Al Masarat Computers LLC
14FDC International
15Bluechip Computer Systems
16Emitac Mobile Solutions (EMS)
17Intertec Systems LLC
18Prologix LLC
22VAD Technologies
23Al Reyami Technologies
24TechnoBind Middle East
25Data Direct Group
26Sariya IT Solutions
27Multinet Computers LLC
28Armada Group
29Techlink Systems
30Xerox Emirates
31Quantum Business Solutions
32Focus Softnet
33Geant Electronics
36Barco Middle East & Africa
37MicroSafe Group
38Quantum BSO & IT Infrastructure
39Micro City
40Emitac Healthcare Solutions
41Systems Engineering
42EMT Distribution
43Bulwark Technologies
44VITS International
45Reseller Middle East
46Red Spider
48Safe City Group
49Ixtel Technologies
50Arrow Electronics

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